Kenneth + Dennis

  (c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

(c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

Dennis knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kenneth after only one night together.

To hear Kenneth tell it, it's all about timing. When he was first introduced, via text, to Dennis, he wasn't ready just yet and didn't show up to a planned movie date. A month later, Dennis texted him, asking Kenneth if he was at the same club at that very moment. As it turns out, they were indeed in the same place at the same time, and they haven't looked back since. 

While acceptance hasn't necessarily been universal, the support they've found in one another has carried them through: Kenneth gave Dennis the security and strength to shed the double life he was living. Dennis gave Kenneth the reason to be honest with himself and to live his true self. After all, he believes that everyone has the right to show their commitment and their love the way they choose to--and that includes an eventual marriage to Kenneth in their home state of Oklahoma.

And for what it's worth, stories like this one, of love at just about first sight, of knowing you'll marry someone upon meeting them for the first time, are universal. They transcend culture and geography, and most certainly sexuality; after all, Dennis' mom also married her husband of 10 years after only one night together.