Robbie + Allan

(c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

(c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

Robbie and Allan share a story of extraordinary timing. On a Saturday night in 2008, Robbie (who was not yet out and hiding the truth from his friends and family, and maybe to some extent, himself) came across Allan’s Match profile and sent him a “wink”. On Monday morning, Allan, who was only logging in to cancel his expiring account to prevent another credit card charge, came across Robbie’s wink, sent him a self-admitted “nuts” email (it contained multiple post scripts, all reading “call me call me call me call me”) and canceled his account.

 The very next night, the two met, and have been together ever since.

In another show of perfect timing, Robbie and Allan would then sort of accidentally get married on 9/10/11, a date many other couples probably planned for meticulously. Along with 25 friends and family, the two set off for a weekend in Boston, where an unexpected judiciary conference sent the two traipsing all over the city in an attempt to find a judge to sign their license. They would eventually find seemingly the only judge left in all of Boston—an elderly juvenile court judge with an oxygen tank in tow—and got their license signed.

As for Dylan, Robbie and Allan’s son, his story actually started the very night his parents met. On their first date, Robbie and Allan talked about how much they both wanted children. Just weeks before leaving for India to start the surrogacy process, they found Anne, a local surrogate who would help bring Dylan into the world, and into a family who loves him more than he could possibly know. But Dylan will one day come to understand how much he was wanted and how hard Robbie and Allan had to fight for him—just all in due time.