Jorge + Fausto

(c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

In 1996, Fausto threw a housewarming party and invited a small handful of people. At the last minute, every single person would cancel, all except for his co-worker, Jorge. Normally, when nearly 100% of your guest list cancels on you last minute, you get pretty upset. But this night, for Jorge and Fausto, would be the start of 19 years together.

Jorge, when asked about his thoughts on those against marriage equality, pointed out a concept that in the 21st century, is practically a truism: America is all about opportunity and equality--the very reasons why so many people have come to this country. Fausto, born in the US but raised in Mexico, came back to the US at 27 to build a career. Jorge, born in Mexico, moved to the US with his family at 11. Both men would end up at the same venerable insurance company in SoCal and between them, have a combined 48 years of experience at the same company.

Both also hail from a traditional Mexican family, which meant that when Jorge first moved in with Fausto, they pretended to be roommates whenever family visited--down to dressing up a guest bedroom as Jorge's room. So even though it may have taken some time for everyone to come around, Fausto's parents now lament not getting enough phone time with Jorge, and Jorge's siblings regard Fausto as family. 

And to think, it all started because a bunch of people canceled on a party, but the only one who didn't would end up being the only one who really, truly mattered.