Vickie + Deb

 (c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

(c) Catalina Kulczar, 2014

Everyone knows a couple like Vickie and Debbie. You know, the one that always comes up with awesome things for everyone to do, the one everyone loves and admires, but is secretly maybe a teeny tiny bit jealous of because all anyone is looking for, really, is their very own Vickie or their very own Debbie. The telltale signs are all there: they have a group of supportive, involved friends affectionately dubbed “the tribe,” they host weekend getaways for said tribe full of very Texan things like shootin’ and four-wheelin’, and their Texas wedding (after a smaller, legal ceremony in New Mexico), was a huge party with hundreds of guests.

But unlike the stereotype of “that couple”, where the seemingly untouchable mystery is part of the allure, Vickie and Debbie practically ooze with friendliness and warmth. Whether it is Vickie’s good-natured teasing of Debbie for spoiling her two grown, adult daughters (Vickie had to institute a spending limit of $250 whenever Debbie took them shopping), or Debbie’s delightfully sheepish recounting of how she spent so much time with her parents after a bad breakup that they began setting her up with women, there is just an undeniable familiarity, an openness to the way they share their story and invite you in that makes it clear why they have a veritable tribe of friends in the first place.

 And it is this connection back to friends, to family, and to the community that the two women share about over and over. It’s the friends who stay with Debbie every Monday and Wednesday while Vickie is at work to support the couple through Debbie’s diagnosis. It’s the brother who at first didn’t accept things but ultimately was in the wedding party, the mother who spent three years straining the relationship before coming around with gusto, the father who was a deacon in the Church of Christ and now looks forward to hosting weekend getaways for the tribe.

 So while everyone knows a couple like Vickie and Debbie, there is only one Vickie and Debbie, and we’re left wishing we actually knew them.