Amy + Dana

(c) 2014, Catalina Kulczar

(c) 2014, Catalina Kulczar

When Dana was 12 years old, a negative family reaction to the accidental outing of her cousin, along with the fear that no one would ever accept her, led Dana to close part of herself off, and to deny her feelings. Amy, who had always known about herself, joined the service, and had to hide that part of herself. Both women would end up getting married and starting families before coming out and ultimately, finding one another. 

Dana was outed by her ex-husband—while in a hospital of all places, where her son was receiving treatment for brain cancer. But unlike her cousin years before, Dana’s family was completely accepting of it, having, as she says, grown out of their fear.

After five years of marriage, Amy could no longer pretend anymore, ended the relationship, and came out to her parents, who stopped speaking to her. Her father passed away 12 years later, still never speaking to her.

But like it is with most stories of full, complex lives in this full, complex world, there’s still happiness to be found in each corner despite what may have passed, and there's certainly much happiness to look forward to. Between Dana and Amy, they have three great kids, a two year-old grandson, and a dream Hawaiian wedding in the plans. And as Amy said, until she met Dana, she didn’t do things like hold her partner’s hand in public, but all of that has changed. It may have taken her 40 years, but together, they got there, and they’re not looking back.